The science behind our products

The research behind Clayton Shagal products

Clayton Shagal products are the result of years of research and multiple scientific collaborations over 40 years of existence.

Resulting from the most extensive studies on the components of the skin and the factors that cause the appearance of signs of aging, the Clayton Shagal experience relies on the fundamental elements produced by the body (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid) to ensure the regeneration of the skin, and whose gradual disappearance with age progressively causes its physical and visible aging.

Thanks to a slow extraction process for collagen and elastin that isolates them in their purest form, and to formulations developed in-house and then improved over the years in collaboration with experienced professionals, Clayton Shagal's fundamental products penetrate, act and stimulate the production of the skin's natural regenerative components all the way to the skin.

Products benefits for customers

By putting forward biomimicry before its time, La Maison Clayton Shagal, since its origin, has always adopted the fundamental idea that the human body and its mechanisms are perfections which gradually deteriorate with time.

Our products are intended as an alternative or complementary solution to intrusive methods, such as injections, micro-needling, pulsed light treatment, etc., by allowing the maintenance and regeneration of the skin by itself while holding particularities specific to the various types and conditions of each of them.

By combining the supply and stimulation of the synthesis of regenerative agents (elastin, collagen), the fundamental Clayton Shagal products make it possible, through simple daily routines, to repair and preserve the skin from external aggressors or deterioration caused by aging, or even when more intrusive interventions are required, to prepare the skin to maximize the results of these interventions and to accelerate the healing process imposed by this type of intrusive intervention.

The Clayton Shagal approach relies on the superiority that simplicity always gives. At the heart of our method, a complementary range of products composed of superior quality active ingredients, designed to act in concert with the fundamental products (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid) taking into account the different skin types or conditions, all in order to allow by a simple and effective routine to obtain immediate, visible and lasting results.