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Elastin Gel

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Preventive gel with elastin to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Ideal for those just beginning to see signs of aging

An essential addition to balance youthful, sensitive or oily skin


  • Natural complement to collagen
  • Provides skin with elastin intake
  • Strengthens naturally occurring elastin fibres needed for balance, elasticity and hydration of the skin’s deepest layers
  • Preserves and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis
  • Helps regulate sebum production while maintaining hydration in the surface layers of the skin
  • Tightens dilated pores
  • Prevents and reduces the formation of blackheads
  • Reduces shine caused by excess sebum
  • Soothes and reduces irritation, inflammation and redness
  • Regenerates and hydrates the skin in depth
  • Increases the skin’s elasticity
  • Fortifies the structure of the skin to improve density
  • Restores balance, suppleness and elasticity to the skin
  • Brightens and unifies dullness and uneven skin tone
  • Tones, firms and revitalizes the skin


  • Alpha-Elastin – Natural, fibrous structural protein rich in amino acids with elastic and firming properties

    50 mL/ 1.7 fl. oz.


Every morning, according to the recommendations of your skin care specialist

  • Cleanse skin with a Clayton Shagal cleanser
  • Pat skin dry and apply Elastin Gel to the face, neck and eye contour
  • Let Elastin Gel fully penetrate skin
  • To finish, apply a Clayton Shagal moisturizing cream

If Elastin Gel has not been fully absorbed in 60 seconds, too much product was applied.

After a few weeks of use, the gel will take longer to absorb into your skin. This means that your skin is more nourished, and you can reduce the amount of product applied.

Use before Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel and Collagen Gel Plus.

    Elastin Gel