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Jojoba & Loofah Exfoliating Body Gel


Unisex jojoba and loofa body gel cleanser for better hydration and exfoliation

Give your skin a daily boost of antioxidants and freshness for softer, smoother, brighter and healthier-looking skin


  • Cleansing and exfoliating Jojoba & Loofa body gel with a velvety texture, unisex and soothing fragrance
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed
  • Specifically formulated with minuscule loofah fibers that tones, softens and gently exfoliate the epidermis without irritating the skin
  • Stimulates the skin’s vital functions against dehydration and skin laxity because of its natural moisturizing factors and viscosity
  • Enhance skin’s appearance, texture and restorative properties
  • Increase skin’s suppleness
  • Protects the skin against premature aging and helps retain skin hydration without leaving a greasy film
  • Can prevent the skin from excessive sebum production
  • Contains natural antioxidant and active ingredients, helping to regulate
    moisture retention while maintaining non-comedogenic properties
  • Restore the natural glow of the skin and leaves skin feeling sensationally invigorated and silky smooth
  • Excellent exfoliant for the hands and/or feet


  • Loofah Cylindrica Fruit – antioxidants and rich emollient with ultra-light exfoliant properties
  • Jojoba Oil – antioxidant rich in vitamins and minerals and humectant that preserves moisture in the skin
  • Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters – Natural emollient, remarkly similar to human body oils with anti aging, moisturizing and softening properties that normalizes activity in sebaceous glands

    250 mL/ 8.45 oz liq.



  • Apply the Jojoba & Loofah Exfoliating Body Gel on the body starting from the feet and moving upward.
  • Leave on 5 minutes
  • Emulsify the Jojoba & Loofah Exfoliating Body Gel by making circular motions upwards, adding water as necessary
  • Apply a small amount of Jojoba & Loofah Exfoliating Body Gel on a bath puff and wash your body by making circular motions upwards
  • Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all scrub particles
  • To finish, apply and massage in the Body Cream on your body

Non-recommended to use on the face

Avoid eye contact

External use only

    Gel Exfoliant Corporel au Jojoba & Luffa