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Understanding and respecting the structure of the skin and its natural hydration are the basis of the innovative concept of La Maison Clayton Shagal, the constant development and our research over the years. The CLAYTON SHAGAL products line, more than 40 years of scientific research to design and develop the most effective products line that meets the three basic criteria of healthy, soft and supple skin: cleanse and prepare the skin ( exfoliate), deeply nourish and moisturize on the surface.

Emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness, La Maison Clayton Shagal has developed its high-quality products line based on understanding the skin's natural regeneration process. Since the early 1980s, La Maison Clayton Shagal has relied on the principle that the true essence of the skin is based on respect for the main natural components of the skin, namely collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and the water. We are in continuous research and development to find ways to counter and compensate, in a simple and effective way, the natural decrease of these precious components.

That's why CLAYTON SHAGAL specialized care products adequately meet the needs of young to mature skin and are suitable for both men and women.

Close your eyes and imagine a healthy and silky texture, endowed with exquisite suppleness, a texture that is both delicate and resistant, a fabric so remarkable that it regenerates itself, undeniably a natural coating of great distinction. Add to that: waterproof, washable and finally with a lifetime warranty. Now this fabric is getting more and more seductive, isn't it? This invaluable covering is the skin!

The skin is the outer covering that defines us. Knowing the composition and functioning of the skin allows us to maintain it in a balanced state of health. Regular care and maintenance adapted to its needs allow the skin to reveal its radiance and becomes the subtle reflection of the sparkling vivacity that drives us.

  • No one can ignore this natural law: the skin ages over time. Aging is a dynamic process that causes changes throughout the human body. In the case of the skin, this means first of all a regression, that is to say an atrophy of the cellular functions and their structures. Added to the genetically programmed natural aging process are external disturbances (free radicals) such as the sun, light, wind, pollution, diet, stress, smoking, fatigue, etc. These external influences cause further degenerative changes in the structure/function relationships of the skin.

  • Despite the most obvious distinction between biological aging and accelerated or premature aging, our sustained research clearly demonstrates that the two processes are intrinsically linked and must be considered with the same regard and importance.

    The most serious aggressor in terms of aging: the loss of deep moisturizers, which contribute to the regeneration process of the skin.

  • In the early 1980s, the research team at La Maison Clayton Shagal discovered a unique extraction process that provides the skin with macromolecules of collagen and elastin proteins, which have the function of regenerating human tissues. In addition, these proteins can be transferred to the skin WITHOUT ANY INJECTION . By combining the extraction of macromolecular proteins and their percutaneous transfer to the skin, the research team at La Maison Clayton Shagal has made a remarkable contribution to the scientific advancement of the field of cosmetology, in terms of skin hydration.

    We wanted to hydrate, further stimulate cellular activity in vulnerable areas such as the eye contour, lips and neck, without neglecting the rest of the face, all in one step.

  • The exclusive formula of our products based on protein macromolecules gives them the ability to further stimulate deep penetration. Our products defy the aging process. Each is designed to work alone or interact with other products to nourish connective tissues and stimulate healthy cellular activity.

    Soft, resilient, youthful-looking skin is not synonymous with deep hydration, but rather balanced hydration. The degree of hydration necessary for the skin is determined by the cutaneous secretions of each individual. These vary greatly by season and from person to person.

  • However, the resilience of the skin will be short-lived if only creams are used, since these hardly have the ability to provide the deep moisture that the dermis needs. This action on the surface, although necessary, even essential, cannot, on its own, allow the skin to remain supple and resilient.

    The role of hydration is to restore the skin's water content. Its action is exerted either on the surface, or in depth, at the level of the dermis. Indeed, creams contain moisturizing properties, but these only act on the epidermis. The "problem" is at the level of the lubricants contained in the creams. Their role as security guards or shields of the epidermis against free radicals is taken very seriously by lubricants: they do not allow moisturizers to make their way to the dermis. Thus, the dermis becomes neglected and prone to aging. This is why the CLAYTON SHAGAL product line consists of creams for the specific needs of the epidermis as well as gels and liquid concentrates whose penetrating properties cross the "protective barriers" in order to nourish the dermis.

  • To maintain healthy and supple skin, it is important to moisturize the skin deeply and on the surface. The ideal is to use a moisturizer that acts both as a humectant while serving as protection for the epidermis and a gel or concentrate that has the effect of acting at the level of the dermis and as a moisturizer/agent deeply nourishing. Each of our deep and surface moisturizers is designed to be suitable both as a day or night product and to address general and specific concerns, i.e. the most vulnerable areas, such as the eye area, mouth and throat. neck. CLAYTON SHAGAL products are suitable for all skin types and intended for all age groups, as well as for men and women.

Although the fountain of youth is not yet within our reach, La Maison Clayton Shagal contributes with great success to the maintenance of essential functions that stimulate the regeneration of nutrients in the skin. Maison Clayton Shagal makes it a point of honor to invest in quality research and analysis in the development of its products. Moreover, we are able to assert, with complete confidence, that our products line, simple and homogeneous, succeeds, without a shadow of a doubt, in achieving optimum results.

CLAYTON SHAGAL is a tangible way to pay tribute to an element of great distinction: your skin.

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