Clayton Shagal's 99% Pure Non-Hydrolyzed Acid-Soluble Native Marine Collagen

In 1982, the research team at La Maison Clayton Shagal discovered a unique extraction method that provided the skin with macromolecular collagen proteins. It all started with collagen, in its purest form ever extracted on the market and requiring no injections to penetrate the dermis. The introduction without injection of collagen macromolecules into the skin to regenerate human tissue was finally becoming a reality. CLAYTON SHAGAL collagen remains, to this day, the best, thanks to its purity and uniqueness.

Beautiful skin starts with collagen

Collagen is the most important protein because it allows the skin to be resilient and resistant.

  • The essential element

    Collagen is a major structural protein of the skin, which is mainly concentrated in the connective tissues (dermis). We can understand the essential role that collagen plays in the hydration of the dermis and the skin in general. It is responsible for the health, elasticity, shape and texture of the skin. In short, collagen is essential for young, healthy and radiant skin!

  • The passage of time

    As we age, skin mostly loses its resilience and elasticity since collagen production naturally slows down. It is important to specify that if the production of collagen fibrils decreases with age, we never lose our collagen. However, as the connective tissues are no longer adequately nourished, they gradually thin and dry out and find it difficult to continuously hydrate the skin. Weakened collagen structures become evident with the formation of wrinkles, loss of shape, increased sagging skin and changes in skin texture.

  • La différence du Collagène Clayton Shagal

    We can give the native term to a collagen if it retains, after its extraction, its complete and undenatured structure as it exists in the skin. It is because it retains this natural form that native collagen takes on its value as an active substance.

    Only non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble collagen, whose structure is intact, can be incorporated into the skin and stimulate the formation of new collagen fibrils while thus improving skin elasticity.

    Most people are unaware that, even today, to extract this macromolecule patience is required, because the process extends over about 90 days due to its fragility and its complex composition. These constraints and requirements are unfortunately ignored by some competitors who manufacture versions of collagen available on the market in just a few days. Indeed, the fragility and complexity of the macromolecule make delicate and precise extraction essential in order to preserve perfect homogeneity of quality. This is why La Maison Clayton Shagal demands great rigor in its extraction process. This is the only way to obtain lasting results in terms of deep hydration of the skin.

  • A transfer method without injection

    The 99% pure collagen, exclusive to La Maison Clayton Shagal, is made up of new collagen fibrils as well as the nutrients necessary to preserve the hydration of the skin, which penetrate to the dermis without injection.

    Collagen is insoluble in oils and fats. The Clayton Shagal laboratory has therefore designed a product, compatible with human skin, non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble native collagen, presented in the form of gels and concentrates. This formulation allows percutaneous penetration capable of crossing the natural protective barriers of the skin and allows the collagen fibrils which are implanted to act deep in the connective tissues (dermis). It counters the decline in the production of collagen fibrils in the dermis, which are essential for healthy skin.

The results

Since the layers of the dermis remain more hydrated with CLAYTON SHAGAL High Performance Native Marine Collagen, the volume of existing collagen increases so that the skin is stronger, firmer and healthier.

Clayton Shagal Collagen provides the skin with soluble collagen which improves skin elasticity. The surface structure therefore becomes noticeably smoother. It increases skin hydration and improves turgidity. Therefore, Clayton Shagal Collagen restores the vitality of your skin and allows it to maintain its gains.

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