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Indispensable Collagène

Price $286.00

This preventive anti-aging routine is aimed at people under 30 who wish to adopt a daily skincare routine that will provide them with healthy, radiant skin and that prevents premature aging. Its use is simple, and its results are rapid: a hydrated, revitalized, soft, and smooth skin and a luminous complexion. In addition, thanks to our Clear Skin Gel, one of Clayton Shagal's jewels, breakouts are controlled and eliminated.

Sensi Soothing

Price $312.00

Sensitive or irritated skin, this routine is designed for you. Whatever the reason: dehydration, irritation or inflammation caused by temperature changes, or more simply, due to a skin condition, this routine is precisely designed to combine active ingredients that will soothe, strengthen , rebalance, and deeply hydrate your skin.

Essential Elastin

Price $286.00

This preventive anti-aging routine is aimed at people under 30 with oily or acne-prone skin, who wish to adopt a daily skincare routine that will allow them to regularize their skin and give it a healthy and radiant appearance while preventing premature aging. Almost identical in every way to its twin-sister collagen routine, it is distinguished by its action mainly focused on stabilizing the pH of the skin and regularizing surface sebum.


Price $328.00

This routine is designed for people with a dull and uneven complexion, dark spots or with skin damaged due to UV rays. This combination of Clayton Shagal products lightens and evens out skin complexion, providing a quick radiance boost and a regenerated healthy skin, thanks to the beneficial effects of fruit acids rich in vitamin C.

While the combination of our Fundamental Agent (Hyaluronic Acid) and our face cream provides a powerful moisturizing action, both in depth and on the surface, and stimulates cellular regeneration, our AHA act directly on the complexion and the elimination of dark spots and skin imperfections. In a very short time, this routine helps reduce the visible signs of aging, perfectionate the texture of the skin and give it a spectacular radiance boost.

Absolute Comfort

Price $297.00

This combination is intended to allow everyone to optimize the benefits of their daily routines and skin care through simple and efficient additions. It allows you to effortlessly perfect your results while offering you a soothing moment of well-deserved relaxation and cocooning.
More specifically, this complementary set helps to better prevent dehydration, offers increased protection against free radicals which cause premature aging, helps eliminate dead surface cells and provides superior hydration. Its use will provide you with a luminous complexion and soft smooth skin from head to toe.